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Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn

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Built and staffed for musicians by musicians,
Smoke and Mirrors offers a cost, low pressure recording environment.
Make Records!

At Smoke and Mirrors, we're constantly striving to improve the quality of the recording experience. 
Whether you're in a band, a solo musician, a rapper, singer, or instrumentalist, we offer a well thought out approach to recording, based on experience in all genres and with all types of artists.  Some of our clients have been signed to major labels, some play regularly in New York, some tour, some have been on the radio, and some make records purely for fun.
We offer a mix of analog and digital gear, computer software and old fashioned hardware, and a selection of instruments, amps, mics, and effects to make your record.  The studio is based around a Soundcraft Series 600 32 x 8 mixer - formerly the live sound console for the famed Limelight Club in New York City.  We also do live (on location) recording; email us for details and rates.
Recording takes place entirely in the digital domain using Motu's Digital Performer.  We also offer the option of converting projects to and from ProTools, and can deliver in nearly any format.

For music samples, click here to visit the Smoke and Mirrors Podcast. These "shows" are available for online listening or downloading.

Fri Apri 28 - Figo at Bowey Ballroom.
Thurs May 4 - Strikes Again! at Trash Bar



OR CD's!

April 28
Mixing the Strikes Again! demo. Working with Geek Farm, Just One, Sheetz, House of Blondes, the Defense Department Chamber Orcehstra. The Darvocets 12" "Authentic Music From Another Planet" has been released by Painkiller Records. Recorded and mixed at Smoke and Mirrors, mastered at Skyway.

Here's some (more) music recorded at Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors Recording Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
646-288-1175 / 917-847-6921 / 347-528-9617