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Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn

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About Us
Clearly, we don't design websites. We're here for only one reason. To make records.

The Rooms
Smoke and Mirrors is made up of 2 rooms - a live room and control room.  The live room is fully equipped for recording drums, bass, guitars, vocals, synthesizers, and anything you can point a microphone at.
The control room houses the main recording gear, effects, and synthesizers.

Fender Telecaster

The Gear
Computer - MacG4
Console - Soundcraft Series 600 32 x 8
DAW - Digital Performer 4.0 - 4.6 (ProTools conversions and delivery also available)
Pres - Soundcraft Series 600, Telefunken V77 (available for an extra charge), ART tube pres
Convertors by MOTU
Compressors by ART, Behringer, Empirical Labs (at an extra charge), Symetrix, Furman
2 ADAT's
Auto-Tune 4.0
Event 20/20BAS
Technics receiver w/ bookshelf speakers
Sony Boombox
Beta SM58's
Rode NTK's
AKG C535
AKG D112
Audio-Technica 4031's
Studio Projects C1
Beyer Condensor
Octava MK319
Various others
Roland Juno-106
Roand JP8080
Yamaha DX7II
Yamaha TG33
Alesis Nanosynth
Roland TR505
Yamaha / Moog combo organ/synthesizer
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Kawai Spectra
Other Effects:
Line 6 Pod XT
Line 6 Bass Pod
Line 6 Echo
Yamaha REV100 (reverb/delay)
Alesis Microverb II (old school reverb)
Audio Logic Gates
Ursa Major Space Station
Dozens of Effect Pedals!
Marshall 50/100 watt Slash signature
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Orange Combo Amp
'65 Fender Bandmaster (not a reissue)
'65 Fender Deluxe Reverb (reissue)
Badcat Cub 15
HiWatt 4x12 cab
Contessa Tube Amp
Smokey amps
GMS Kit w/ Zildjian, Paiste cymbals
Yamaha Stage Kit also available
Guitars and Basses:
Electrics and Acoustics by Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez
Motu Microexpress midi interface
Sennheiser, Sony headphones
Rapco DI's
Patch bays by Nuetrik, ProCo

The Services
Multitrack Recording and Mixing
Digital Audio Editing

Live / Location Recording


Audio for Film or Video
Backing CD preparation for live performance
Session musicians available

Soundcraft Series 600

The Rates
Standard rate is $30/hour.  This includes full use of the studio and an engineer.  This does not include CD-R's, beer, guitar strings, or drumsticks.
There are discounts available for clients who book 10 or more consecutive hours or who desire lockouts.
Occasionally, time slots open up at the last minute.  These can often be booked at a reduced rate - contact us!
Rates do not apply to major labels or jerks.

Digital Performer

Empirical Labs Distressor

Studio Projects C1

Smoke and Mirrors Recording Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
646-288-1175 / 917-847-6921 / 347-528-9617