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Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn

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Info, Maps, Pearls of Wisdom, and Other Things to make your session a smooth one.

Click Here for a Map, conveniently showing our location.

Frequently Given Answers (to basic session questions):

We are able to accept projects from other studios and in many formats. Contact us for more info.

Amps and drums are included in the price of your session.

Nearly every session goes more smoothly when it has a Producer. If you would like us to assume (or explain!) this role we are happy to do so. Just ask.

Drum heads are generally in pro condition and drums are frequently tuned. If you're concerned you might want to bring spare heads (we can supply the relevant info if needed). If you'd like to bring your own drums, please let us know in advance. We always recommend bringing snares, cymbals, and anything else you might need/want.
We STRONGLY recommend that you have a system to keep backups of your projects.  While we do back up regularly, there is always the chance that a drive will fail, a fire will break out, a computer will crash, or something will be spilled.  It's a good idea to have a Firewire or Flash drive that you can bring to the studio, use to make a backup, and bring home.  We also are currently storing thousands of Gigs of data and cannot be responsible for long term data storage.  When your project is over we STRONGLY advise that you take copies of all files with you.  Again, we are not equipped for long term data archiving.
Yes, you can play our guitars.

References are available upon request. (Seriously.)

We are adept at quick live recording, if that is your cup of tea. We've done 4 song EP's  in a single day. We've also done a cover of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (yes, the whole thing) over the course of 18 months. We're flexible.

We recommend bringing headphones, if you have a favorite pair. Please note that many walkman (or iPod) headphones and earbuds are not suited for full range 24 bit audio at loud volume! Headphones are also the most frequently broken piece of gear in the studio...

You are liable for any damage to the studio's equipment and/or reputation.

You're always welcome to bring a demo, or at least a song.

We can recommend outside mixing, mastering, graphic design, CD or vinyl replication, etc. Just ask.

The best answer to the question "How much will my record cost?" is often "How much are you willing to spend?"

The business of Smoke and Mirrors exists primarily to allow the studio to exist; we're not getting rich. Kindly remember to visit the ATM when necessary. Coming soon - Paypal!

Yes, it needs more compression. No, it doesn't need more compression.

We are located at 11 Hope Street between Havemeyer Street and Roebling Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1 block southwest of Metropolitan.

Nearby trains include the L (Bedford and Lorimer stops), the J (Broadway Stop), and the G (Metropolitan Stop).

We are 2 blocks from the BQE and 5 blocks from the Williamsburg Bridge.

Why Record in a Studio and not at Home?
As computer and processing prices drop, more and more people are using their home studios to put out high quality musical recordings.  From Garage Band to the MBox, setting up your own recording environment has never been easier or more affordable.
We are great believers in home studios; Chris maintained studios in his bedrooms and apartments for many years, and Ted has lived in many of the studios he's recorded in.  The opportunity to work when you want, to not be "on the clock," and to take as much time to explore ideas as needed is a powerful thing.
However, this is often exactly why going to a neutral site and working with professional engineers or producers is a good idea.  Working alone can be difficult.  Maintaining objectivity can be difficult.  Engineering your own session can be difficult (we still have trouble recording our own vocals when we're alone).  Having someone to listen to the drums through monitors as you sound check, having someone to confirm you're in tune, or just having someone to bounce ideas off of can make all the difference.  In terms of real time spent, recording in a studio allows you to get far more done in far less time, and having an objective third party can keep you from going down paths best avoided.  You needn't worry about whether the computer's working right, how to use compression, or how to mic the drums.  You might end of saving money when you realize that you don't really need a new mic, just a comfortable environment.
Many people use their home studios to explore musical ideas, create demos, and then come to us to put the sounds to tape (or disk).  We can give you the drums and guitars you could never get at home, and take care of all the knobs, faders, and phase reversal switches - so you can concentrate on what's important.  The music.

Smoke and Mirrors Recording Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
646-288-1175 / 917-847-6921 / 347-528-9617