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Here are some clients we've worked with.  Many of these sites contain sound samples recorded at Smoke and Mirrors.
Acquiesce - recently signed to Warner Brothers.  One of the tunes we recorded with them, "Starting Today", is here.  This was recorded at Smoke and Mirrors and mixed at Electric Lady.
Geek Farm - punk from the Tech Department.
Microdot - gorgeous progressive rock.  You can listen to or buy their EP at CDBaby.  One of their songs was recently featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered."
The Defense Department Chamber Orchestra - sample based soundscapes; recently played on WNYW's "New Sounds."
Just One - Williamsburg based rapper.
Grand Ultimate - live and loop based hip hop.
The Waylons - we did a demo for them years ago (one of our first "real" clients) - check them out when they play live in NY, which they do often.
KIDD - rapper/singer from the Bronx.
Black Tongue - another band that plays live in NY a lot.  Recorded 4 songs with them a while back.
Chan Chandler - songwriter from Austin, TX.
Live Girls - we recorded these rockers a few years ago, back in the ADAT days.  They're really great live (as you might expect).
The Rob Sbar Noesis - a virtuosic guitar based trio; we recorded their version of the the Moody Blues "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" for a tribute CD put out by Mellow Records.
Godsgun - progressive rockers from Queens, NY.  Sadly, their website seems to be out of order.
New Creation - Christian Rock from Georgia.  We traveled to Atlanta to record this group at Grey Cat Studio, then brought the ADAT tapes (yes, that's right) back to Smoke and Mirrors for mixing.  One of their tunes is here.
Ice - A - Tone - Bronx born rapper, singer, producer; currently based on the West Coast.
Figo - rock and roll, often on the road from Brooklyn to Miami Beach.
Formula One - Britpop meets Brooklyn punk.
Non-Commercial Records - We've recorded several of this label's bands - the Wolfdowners, Cider, Brainwashed Youth, and the Darvocets.  Purchase their products here.
Speaking of Cider and records, here's a review of Cider's last record, recorded and mixed at Smoke and Mirrors.

Smoke and Mirrors Recording Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
646-288-1175 / 917-847-6921 / 347-528-9617