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Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn

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About Us

Here's a little more about Smoke and Mirrors...

Our Philosophy

Our motto is simple.
"Make Records."
That's what we do.  Any time spent not recording is time wasted, and we try not to waste much time.  In short, the whole point of Smoke and Mirrors is to record music in an efficient, enjoyable, low pressure environment.  We work with you to discover or capture your sound, and we have very high standards for our work.  We also try to be affordable and keep the process as open as possible.
Recording is work, but it should be fun.

Our Staff                                                      

Chris Pace (engineer/producer) has been recording bands since he bought his first 4 track, a second hand Tascam Porta Two, at the age of 14.  He's made records with rock bands, solo artists, rappers, singer songwriters, and everything in between.  In addition to his studio work, Chris writes and performs in several other musical projects and has worked as a television producer for VH1, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.  Chris's blog, Thoughts From A Room With No Windows, can be found here.
Ted Wilson (engineer/producer) honed his craft on 4 tracks and 8 track reel to reels before moving up to ADAT and finally computer based recording.  A guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Ted also loves nothing more than to hear a Marshall cranked up to 11.  Ted's blog, Savage Distortion, can be found here.
George Vitray (engineer/producer) is a frequent collaborator as well as being the owner of Skyway Studio.  A seasoned engineer and producer, George has worked with everyone from major label signees to budding songwriters.

Our History

Smoke and Mirrors started as a band's rehearsal and recording space and gradually evolved toward its current state.  The band in question was Happy Boy, and after being priced out of our South Street Seaport location 5 years ago, we relocated to Brooklyn.  Eventually the band split up (as they often do), but Ted and Chris held on and kept recording themselves and anyone else who would show up.

Smoke and Mirrors Recording Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
646-288-1175 / 917-847-6921 / 347-528-9617